Preventative Counseling Services

Provides short-term behavioral counseling around a specific issue to individuals, couples, and teens

Preventative Counseling Services at The Upper Room offers therapeutic interventions over a 3-4 month period on topics ranging from stress management to social skills, and problematic marital relationships

Answers to frequently asked questions about Preventative Counseling Services

  • Brief, therapeutic interventions offered to adults, couples, and teens
  • One hour sessions held at The Upper Room over a 3-4 month timeframe
  • Suited for those who would like to work on the following:
    • Healthy relationships / communication
    • Stress management
    • Anger management
    • Parent / child conflict
    • Self esteem
    • Social skills and development
    • Problematic marital / co parenting / single parenting relationships
  • Some insurances accepted
  • Call to schedule an appointment

For more information, call Sue Schick at  603-437-8477 x 16