Why Give to The Upper Room?

Giving is a highly personal and often emotional decision. Many individuals and even businesses give in order to help build a stronger more resilient community, others simply enjoy the feeling they get when they give a helping hand, and some feel a need to give back for a kindness given to them at some point in their own lives. Whatever your reason, we promise you that The Upper Room deeply appreciates and respects each and every contribution that is made.

Through the generous efforts of community members, businesses and corporate sponsors and funders, The Upper Room builds community and changes lives each and every day. We would not be able to run our programs, provide resources and even feed hungry mouths without the continuous and charitable efforts of so many.

We have many easy to use and creative ways for individuals, families and businesses to partner with The Upper Room. Click on one of the links to the left to learn more, or call us at (603) 437-8477 and we’ll be happy to meet with you to find the perfect solution.

“The Upper Room is our Family Resource Center. This organization is a gift to our community. It represents all that is important to every one of us, our children. The staff is the finest and most experienced, combining knowledge, enthusiasm, caring, understanding and the ability to change young lives in the most positive and sometimes very dramatic ways.

Their programs encompass a wide range of specialties which continue to enrich all of our lives for years to come.

I support the Upper Room because our children are our greatest asset. I support the Upper Room because I have seen the change in these young lives. I'm a believer in results, I believe you put good stuff on the wheel you get good stuff back. The Upper Room puts Great stuff on the wheel and we are the ones who get great stuff back.”

Peace and Joy
Bill Burke
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