The Upper Room, A Family Resource Center, has provided educational services to strengthen individuals and families throughout Southern NH since 1986. From the beginning, Upper Room programming has grown and developed along with the changing needs of individuals and families in the community.

A team of dedicated professionals, both full and part time, actively work to improve the lives of New Hampshire’s citizens in a way that is unique to any other place in the state. The Upper Room is here to help individuals and families, all families, in need of educational support and resources to "make it" in today's world.

Current Upper Room programs

The Upper Room operates with 5 full time, 6 part time, and 16 adjunct staff, and served 14,438 individuals last year through direct programs and workshops and by providing resources and community referrals. Our volunteers are amazing. Last year, 64 regular volunteers were engaged in program support, community events, fundraising activities, and general facilities projects contributing 3,015 hours of volunteer time.