Staff Members

Kimberly Bavaro, M. Ed, Executive Director
437-8477 x11

Linda Wojtkiewicz, Financial Administrator
437-8477 x13

Ruth Marie Kay, M.Ed., Development Manager, Parent Educator
437-8477 x21

Diane Casale, A.S., Certified Prevention Specialist, Adminstrative Coordinator, Program Coordinator - Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program (GDJD)
432-8882 x14

Michelle Brauch, B.A., Program Coordinator - Adolescent Wellness Program , Program Assistant - Greater Derry Juvenile Diversion Program, CSLO Specialist,, GED Tutor
432-8882 x15

Brenda Guggisberg, M.S., Adminstrative Coordinator, Program Coordinator, GED
437-8477 x18

Janis Lilly, B.A.., CBE, Doula, Program Coordinator, Teen Information for Parenting Success (TIPS), Healthy Families America  437-8477 x12

Sue Schick, M.A., Program Coordinator - Greater Derry Family Outreach (GDFO)
437-8477 x16

Pam Miller-Sallet ,M.A., Program Facilitator - Families Reaching our Goals (FROG)
437-8477 x16

Michelle Moraros, B.A., Home Visitor, Greater Derry Family Outreach (GDFO), Data Specialist
437-8477 x22

Elaina Wheaton, M.Ed., Instructor - GED, Facilitator - Challenge Course
437-8477 x19

Emily Murphy, M.S., Marketing Specialist - Digital Marketing, Public Relations

Angelica Ladd, B.A., Marketing Specialist - Donor Relations, Events, 437-8477 x 17

Kortney Yasenka, LCMHC, Clinical Supervisor, Preventative Counseling Services,
437-8477 x 16

Sharon T. Bray, LSW, Facilitator,  UR Parents

Rebecca Summey, Facilitator, Take Control and Challenge

Sheila Allen , Facilitator, Take Control

Esther Connelly, First Aid and CPR Certified, Childcare – Families Reaching our Goals (FROG)

Sister Juliann Parent - Childcare - Families Reaching our Goals (FROG)

Alicia Triplett, LMHC - Clinical Supervisor – GDFO

Andrea Younie, Auction Assistant